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Sleeve Tattoos: 3 Popular Tattoos


Nowadays, sleeve tattoos are very popular especially in Japan; this design is not for the faint hearted since it wraps the entire upper arm from shoulder to the elbow. The tattoo that covers the entire arm all the way and extends down to the hands is referred to as a full sleeve design while a tattoo which covers the upper part of the arm is known as a half sleeve tattoo. If the tattoos extend from the elbow to the wrist, it is can be referred to as a quarter-sleeve design.


Due to their complexity and size, these designs are appropriate for people who are willing to make a bold statement. This simply means you have to find an experienced artist who does this kind of designs, make sure you do thorough research to avoid disappointments. Sleeve tattoos are very intricate and detailed; your artist should share with you some few ideas on how the design will look on you.


It is important to find out the cost and time for a sleeve tattoo design. Typically, the time normally depends on the intricacy of the design. Detailed designs are more expensive since they require a lot of time; you should discuss this with the artist once you have chosen a design. Sleeve tattoos for men can last for hours depending on their complexity. Full sleeves are more intricate and therefore require long hours.



Popular sleeve designs include:


Tribal tattoo sleeve- These designs look amazing and are popular among male enthusiasts.


Japanese Designs – These tattoos are more intricate and have deep meanings, they are exceptionally attractive. Sleeve tattoos for men are progressively becoming more and more popular. Men prefer getting big tattoos that express their masculinity; these include designs such as flames and skulls as sleeve tattoo designs.


Lastly, you should make sure you find a design that expresses your personality, doing research can help you find a great tattoo that suits your taste.



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