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Hand Tattoos


A word of advice is in necessary before we discuss some few concepts for tattoo designs. Even if you are deeply in love, or convinced that it is the best thing to do, make sure you resist the urge of getting a tattoo that bears the name of your partner. Life is funny; many people break up only to have the tattoo serve as a reminder of what happened or what it felt like to be in love.



You should know that there are no specific hand tattoos for men; each tattoo bears some significance to the wearer. While getting tattoos are personal decisions, one factor that determines the choice is gender. This is the main criteria used is choosing tattoos, even more essential is one’s style and taste.


Most women prefer smaller, less intricate designs such as hearts, cats, flowers and butterflies. They might also opt for fairies, knot work, or other themes that express their femininity. Females prefer having tattoos on their hip, ankle, shoulder and lower back. On the other hand, most men opt for designs that are more masculine. Their top choices include eagles, dragons, Celtic and tribal dragons, these designs are usually bigger as compared to female tattoos. In addition, men are likely to display their designs on their chests, backs and arms.





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